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Master Fic List

I write Buffy and Firefly with a few other fandoms thrown into the mix occasionally.  My focus these days is genfic.

While some of my fic can be found at various archives, all stories are located at ubific, which can be navigated with the following lists.  [Crossover fic listed at the bottom of the page of any major fandom involved.]

BtVS/AtS Fic

Firefly Fic

HP Fic

Misc. Fic

[Dr. Horrible, Gilmore Girls, Iron Man, SCC, Twilight(crack!)]

Whose Bad Guys are the Badder Bad Guys?

Dollhouse is back and fantastic! Two back-to-back episodes that blend into each other perfectly.

2x05: The Public Eye
2x06: The Left Hand

Above the cut, I can recommend:

--The acting. Once again, our usual suspects knocked it out of the park. Enver Gjokaj as Victor is perfect and again shows his range and acting ability; Olivia Williams takes Adelle's character to new places perfectly; Franz Krantz continues to turn the morally gray Topher into someone sympathetic and likable; and finally, Summer Glau is brilliant in her guest spot.

--Not much Echo (yay), but we learn some interesting things about her anyway.

--Things get into the wider ramifications of Rossum and the Dollhouse. Politics, scandal, corruption - yeah, baby.

--They found the funny. Yes, a lot of people say Dollhouse is too grim (I like grim), but even though plot points here had some of the darkest and most serious implications for humanity, the second hour is packed full of funny.

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So much to love, which only pains knowing the show is canceled, but at least we've got these bits of brilliance. It might be canceled, but eyeballs on it at Hulu may ensure that we get to see the rest of the series broadcast.


How do you like them green apples?

I finally got around to watching Death at a Funeral, a fairly fun British comedy.

A major motivation for watching it was that I'd heard it had Alan Tudyk in it, or should I say naked Alan Tudyk. It all stays fairly PG (at least I think the no full-frontals mean PG because even the butt shots go by quickly); maybe it's R. But it's all rather fun and does tie into the story.

Still, some iconing had to happen.

male buttock alertCollapse )


I know it's not humongously surprising, but I'm still disappointed that Dollhouse has been canceled right when it was doing more interesting, arcy stories.



More Thanks!

I'm thrilled to say that 'Conspiracy Theory' has been nominated for Best Action/Adventure at the sshg_awards

Thank you! It's an honor to be nominated, especially in the company of so many wonderful authors and stories!

And ... I just found out 'Conspiracy Theory' is a featured story at OWL! Thank you! I'm thrilled and honored!

Thank you!!!

I somehow missed it when it first happened, but I'm so happy that 'Reflection' received Runner Up for Best Characterization at the Sunnydale Memorial Awards.

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Then absence_oflight finished a round, and wow! It's such an honor to have won Runner Up for Best Author, Angst! I'm so shocked and happy!


Also, 'Memory {Shattered {Shattering' won Best Character Death Angst, and 'Feet of Clay' won Runner Up for Best Gen Angst and Runner Up for Most Original Angst!

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Next, 'Memory {Shattered {Shattering' and 'She Always Wanted to be Harriet the Spy' are both nominated for various awards at the new unlocked_awards, which focus on Dawn. Please nominate and support:

The Unlocked Awards: a Dawn-centric fanfiction awards site

Last, but never least, 'Boomerang' will be a featured story on this week's sshg_quiz !

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All of this is amazing! Thank you to everyone - I'm very honored.

Humongous congratulations to all the winners - these are truly wonderful stories that I highly recommend to everyone.

And a big round of thanks goes to all the hard-working mods who do so much for fandom - thank you!



Dollhouse was very good two weeks ago and absolutely fabulous last night! Hulu links:

2x03 Belle Chose
2x04 Belonging

The show is finally digging into the gritty promise of its premise - what are the real underlying implications for humanity in the face of such technology and what is its impact on individuals. 'Epitaph One' took a look at the bigger picture, while 'Belonging' brings us back down to the level of the individual, and it does so wonderfully. Sierra and Topher especially get crucial moments, and Adelle, Victor, and even Boyd and Echo have important tidbits as well.

I highly recommend 'Belonging' even if you haven't seen another episode this season.


Zombies (of various kinds)

I really liked the season premiere of Dollhouse, glad to see the show not only rise from almost certain death via cancellation. but succeed in having a story that's more meaningful than those from the beginning of season 1. Episode two wasn't quite as strong to me, but again, much better than many in season 1. [I find myself very torn: (highlight for mild spoilers) one the one hand, mother's have a special link to their children, yes; on the other, it seemed like a gender stereotype of 'women are crazy bitches ruled by emotions and biology.' Argh.]

Now though, the ratings are so horrible it seems Dollhouse might not make it even for the 13 episodes it has. If you can and don't mind, please watch it on Hulu (there are ways to do this even if you're outside the US - if you don't know, I'll dig for them).

Season 2 Episode 1, Vows
Season 2 Epidose 2, Instinct

I want this back-from-the-dead show to keep shambling along until we get to 'Epitaph One'!

More successfully, Zombieland is doing well at the box office, and it deserves to. I saw it Sat night and had a great time. It's not quite Shaun of the Dead, but then, it's very American just as that movie is very British. Here there are lots of big SUVs and guns. Guns, guns, guns. Still, in a zombie apocalypse, that's so not the stupidest thing to have with you. The cast does a bang-up job, and there's a great cameo by a fabulous actor.

Best contemp sf novels?

Work has been insane with a side-order of crazy, yet I find myself wanting to read a novel or two when I come home to decompress. But I read too much older work, and want to update my collection. I've been working my way through large anthologies of recent sf short stories, but am open to suggestions for novels.

What are the best science fiction novels you've read that were written in the last five years? Ten years? [I don't read much fantasy, but if something knocked your socks off, let me know. I'm still waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish his excellent Ice and Fire series.

On my to-read list (but I still haven't gotten to them, so an idea of what you thought would help):

Little Brother
- Cory Doctorow
Life - Gwenyth Jones
Axis - Robert Charles Wilson (sequel to Spin)

Recs I can give:

Pattern Recognition - William Gibson (but not the newer Spook Country)
Spin - Robert Charles Wilson
Learning the World - Ken MacLeod


Things piled up a bit while I was away, but I'm here to make up for it.

absence_oflight has begun round 2 (go and nominate your fave angst and dark fic!), and I've got a few things nominated. 'Feet of Clay' is up for Best Gen and Most Original. 'She Always Wanted to be Harriett the Spy' is up for Best Ficlet, and 'Memory {Shattered {Shattering' is up for Best Character Death.

Thanks so much for these nominations - it's wonderful for angst fic to be recognized! Thanks go again to snowpuppies and the other mods for putting this together.

Staying with Buffy, still_grrr announced recent winners. 'Memory {Shattered {Shattering' got second place in fiction for May, 'Vacation (all I ever wanted)' got first place in fiction for June, and my funny Dollhouse icon Medicinal Carrots got second.

shiniesCollapse )

Thanks so much! It's always lovely to find out that people liked a story, and I'm honored to have won when there are so many wonderful pieces being put in each month by such talented people. And as always, xlivvielockex's fab banners and hard work are greatly appreciated.

On the HP front, Ashwinder at Sychophant Hex has kindly made 'Ladder' a featured story for August. I'm very flattered that they've chosen to honor it again. And speaking of such, I want to thank Know It Alls for adding 'Conspiracy Theory' to their recommended stories list.

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Summer slump is killing anything without sex. Blah. So it's time to rec! Lots of great stories from various fandoms over at apocalyptothon (master list here). Yep, everything's about an apocalypse (I had to laugh - one reviewer said, "But what happens next?" for a story there. Umm ... apocalypse?). Here are ones that I especially liked (one's even funny):

Title: all the color drains out of the frame
Author: aphrodite_mine 
Fandom: Chuck
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Post-season 2.
Warnings: Violence, character death.
Summary: This is a story about Ellie. It is also a story about the end of the world. (canon pairings).
Rec: told from Ellie's POV about her and Devon, uses circular storytelling to great effect; haunting

Title: Evidence Of Things Not Seen
Author: amathela 
Fandom: Dollhouse
Pairing(s): Paul/Mellie
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Spoilers up to episode 1:12 - Omega.
Summary: There's an apocalypse, a deal with the devil, and a girl. In the end, it always comes down to a choice.
Rec: spare and beautifully written, tells a story of Ballard and Mellie and difficult decisions

Title: Rapture on the Rise
Author: kanedax 
Fandom: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Dr. Horrible, Act I
Summary: It's plain to see Rapture is on the rise.
Rec: AU after Act 1; an apocalypse story that's funny; perfect Dr. Horrible voice


Random Fan Flail

ComicCon must be so much fun to actually go to if just reading the info coming out of it is this good. So much that could be talked about, but here are the three movies I'm most excited about (and a bit of Whedony love).

I'm thrilled that Jamie Bamber of BSG will be in a Dollhouse episode in season 2! Now they just need to get Katee Sackoff in there somehow.

The trailer for Alice in Wonderland looks great, as have the photos that are coming out about it. But, and I never thought I'd say this, is this movie about Alice or about Johnny Depp the Mad Hatter?

I'm really looking forward to both movies with 9 in their titles, even though they're quite different. District 9 is about first contact with aliens and our response.  And 9, well, here's the trailer for 9:


The Avengers

I know I wrote 'The Avengers' series a bit out of order, but here's the third major story. This completes the series, though I my muse may pop up with some small one-shots about these two running around having 'Peel and Steed' adventures.

Title: The Avengers
Author: ubiquirk
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: PG13
Genre: drama, action/adventure
Word Count: ~6700
Characters: Faith, Giles
Disclaimer: Not mine; no money.
AN: Set post “Chosen,” just after “No Future for You.” Written for summer_of_giles 2009. Third in the Avengers Series. Although each story can stand alone, this one is the direct sequel to both ‘Feet of Clay’ and ‘New Kind of Same’ and references events in each. Much thanks to my beta firefly124.

Summary: Each estranged in their lives, Faith and Giles have formed a ‘working partnership between equals.’ But something’s got the demons of London in an uproar, and the duo’s first big case as ‘Peel and Steed’ proves tougher than expected … on multiple levels.

The Avengers


The kinda_gay_award results are in. I was one of the nominees chosen by the Judges for Best Author, and that's an amazing honor considering the company. Also, 'Girl's Got a Grudge' got Runner Up for Best Heat and 'She Always Wanted to be Harriet the Spy' got Runner Up for Best Platonic.

shiniesCollapse )

Thanks so much!!! And a big thanks to snowpuppies and all the other mods who did so much hard work and made such beautiful banners!

Big congratulations to all the winners, especially my very talented flist!

TW - Children of Earth

Above the cut, I'll say that I enjoyed the story. 5 episodes gave them enough time to tell something fairly tight and focused yet with enough room to have a story with some substance to it.

SpoilersCollapse )

Comics help

Has anyone read Buffy 26 yet, the first issue of Retreat?

I'm wondering because I'm working on my Giles and Faith teamed up story for summer_of_giles, and I wander if it's safe for me to read this issue or not.

2 vaguely spoilery questionsCollapse )

I really want to read this issue (I've been looking forward to this storyline for a while). But if my current fic is going to be canonshafted, I'd rather not know till I'm done with it. Thanks!


My wacky crossover Willow/Luna story 'And Now for Something Completely Different' is nominated at The Sunnydale Memorial Awards. Also, the Giles-centric 'Feet of Clay' is up for an award at fangfetish.


Also, still_grrr announced the winners for April, and the Jayne fic 'Too Much of a Miss' got first:

Thanks all around! I'm honored by the noms and the win! And the Jayne banner is just perfect!

BTW, Can't Stop the Serenity was great this year with a really good turn out. The younger fans in the audience went insane over Dr. Horrible. I loved seeing Serenity on the bigscreen, and it made me realize how much I miss Firefly all over again though. I wish there were a Firefly ficathon around. Really. Really. One that would kind of whack me upside the brainpan and get me to write something.

Recruit Poster

I got really lucky and saw the offer katekat1010 put up at summer_of_giles to do movie posters as banners for peoples' Giles stories. She's done a lovely one for 'Recruit' for me:

As always, her graphics are amazing, and she makes it look like Snape and Giles are in the same room perfectly! And I love the expressions on their faces too - Giles all amused and Snape all crotchety. It's just fab and going all over the story.

Can't Stop ...

It's that time of year again, when Can't Stop the Serenity rents movie theaters and shows Serenity on the big screen! Multiple locations are participating - most in the US, but not all. Many have also arranged to show Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. This could be your only chance to see that on the big screen.

And all proceeds go to charity. The main one is Equality Now, which works to improve the lives of women around the world. Individual locations may also be donating to a second charity as well, such as Kids Need to Read or the Humane Society.

It was a lot of fun last year to sit in a theater full of Browncoats - the energy was palpable! So if you can go, I highly recommend it. And knowing the cost of the ticket is helping others just sweetens the pot.

Vacation (all I ever wanted)

I wrote a fic for the first time in forever. And not only that, I finally gave into my muse and realized that I've been writing a series off and on for the past year. Strangely enough, I've written stories 1, 2, 4, and 5. Yep, 3 is missing, but on its way for my next Summer of Giles entry in July.

The Avengers Series
Begins in the middle of season 7 and stretches past the season 8 comic “No Future for You.” This is an ongoing story of Giles and Faith - from how they each fall into dark times to how their new work partnership and friendship leads both to a better place. The first two stories focus on the individual characters separately, while the remainder are about the pair working together. Each story can stand alone, but the series gives the characters a bigger arc.

Title: Vacation (all I ever wanted)
Author: ubiquirk
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: PG13
Genre: humor, drama
Word Count: 1160
Characters: Faith, Giles
Disclaimer: Not mine; no money.
AN: Set once Faith and Giles have teamed up after “No Future for You.” Written for both summer_of_giles and still_grrr (because sometimes it takes two). Fifth in the Avengers Series, though each story can stand alone. Much thanks to my beta firefly_124.

Summary: “Damn it, Giles.” Faith wipes dayglo goo from her eyes. “You said this was gonna be a vacation!”

Vacation (all I ever wanted)